My Story

My passion for helping people began when I was very young.  I loved growing up in Vermont, where I ran in the woods and climbed tall trees, but my childhood was not easy.  I started to see a therapist when I was 14 years old, and she was so helpful to me that I decided to help people too.  I started volunteering for community agencies and served on mission trips that provided care to those who were suffering.

I have loved living in various places all over the world. For the last 25 years, I called Raleigh, North Carolina home. I now live in New York and commute between the two states. I am happily married with a daughter and two dogs.  I love to spend time with family and friends in nature. In my free time, you will often find me working on a wood project, or out in the yard working with plants. I find peace and inspiration from reading, drawing, and painting. I am involved in my church, and I volunteer in the community.

Rebecca Hartman

My Education

Bachelors of Arts
in Social Work

Meredith College

University of North Carolina logo

Master of
Social Work

University of North Carolina

Campbell University inverted logo

Master of

Campbell University

My Career

I started my career in 1995 working as a residential counselor in a group home for adolescents. 

I served in the Peace Corp after earning my Master of Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I helped a community to develop programs for children, youth, and families.

Peace Corps logo

After my services in the Peace Corps, I began my psychotherapy practice in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have over 25 years of experience working in the mental health and addiction fields. Many people that I have seen, experienced some type of trauma during childhood. I have been privileged to help them work through these issues and move forward with their lives.

My Credentials

Practitioners in the medical or mental health fields can have a dizzying array of letters after their names. I have often heard it referred to as “alphabet soup“. Here is some help with decoding my credentials if you are wondering what those letters mean.

MSW - Scrabble tiles

Master of
Social Work

MDIV - Scrabble tiles

Master of

LCSW - Scrabble Tiles

Licensed Clinical
Social Worker

LCAS - Scrabble tiles

Licensed Clinical
Addictions Specialist

CCS - Scrabble Tiles

Certified Clinical

My Licensing

I am fully licensed to practice in New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina

New York state outline with flag
North Carolina state online with flag

My Certifications

I am licensed by the New York Department of Education and I am required to attend regular continuing education in order to keep my credentials in good standing.

New York State Education Department logo

I am regulated by both the North Carolina Social Work Board and the North Carolina Substance Abuse Board and I am required to attend regular continuing education in order to keep my credentials in good standing.

North Carolina Social Workers Certification and Licensure Board logo

North Carolina Addictions Specialist Professional Practice Board logo

I am a Certified Social Work Supervisor through the National Association of Social Workers

National Association of Social Workers logo

My Training

I continue to learn by attending clinical training programs that are certified through my licensing boards.  I am also involved with various networks that help keep me up-to-date with the latest advances in clinical treatment.  But most importantly, I learn what works for you, from you!  I have also been engaged in my own therapy for many years as well.

I never stop learning!

Areas of Practice

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT)

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT)

Family Systems

Psychodynamic Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Satir Method

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Trauma Focused Therapy

My Therapeutic Style

I begin with creating a safe non-judgmental space. My first step with a client is to look at your goals. We look at the parts of your life that are preventing you from reaching your dreams.

We explore new ways of living

I would consider myself a relationship expert. Be that a relationship with one’s self, intimate partners, or people encountered in daily living. I work through complex issues with individuals, intimate partners, and families. I have helped clients work through trauma histories, addictions, attachment injury, grief, as well as other issues.

Every client’s needs are unique

I use my experience and the therapy tools that I feel best suit my client and their circumstances. This could include a model of therapy, spiritual counseling, use of metaphors and analogy, in-session activities, and homework. I find that effective treatment often combines many different therapeutic techniques.