Healing Hearts and Mending Relationships

Helping you move through life’s struggles and establish healthy relationships with yourself and others

Healing Hearts
and Mending

Rebecca Hartman

Licensed in New York and North Carolina

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You are Not Alone

Asking for help is courageous

Virtual therapy sessions can help you to make sense of what you are experiencing and encourage you to change negative patterns that are keeping you from finding the joy in life that you deserve.

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My Practice

I want to hear your unique story

I find each person’s life journey to be unique, fascinating, and complex. Therapy begins with listening, understanding, and empathy. Building trust provides a safe environment so you can talk about your desires and needs.

The first step is to understand your goals. We look at the parts of your life or relationship that are getting in the way of reaching your goals. Understanding yourself is where change begins, and I will join you on that journey. I partner with you as a curious companion to explore new ways of living.

I provide virtual psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and families. I am empathetic and non-judgmental, yet direct and insightful.

I offer services regardless of your religion, race, gender, nationality, history, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity. I also offer spiritual discernment counseling for those clients who are seeking help from this perspective.


The name of my practice reflects a desire to encourage every client to move in more positive directions. Emotivate Counseling’s name was derived from the words.
Scrabble tiles spelling out "Emotive" meaning to cause movement
To cause movement
Scrabble tiles spelling out "Motivate" meaning to encourage change
To encourage change

Virtual Therapy is Effective

Numerous research studies published in reputable psychotherapy journals have concluded that virtual therapy with a licensed therapist is just as effective as traditional in-office therapy.

The Advantages of Virtual Therapy

  • Allows clients greater flexibility in scheduling appointments
  • Gives clients in rural areas access to mental health services
  • Provides access to services for clients with physical limitations
  • Eliminates the commute time to and from office visits
  • Removes the fear of seeing others in a waiting room
  • Permits sessions to be held in familiar surroundings
  • Makes treatment more approachable for clients with severe anxiety
  • Presents the option for greater anonymity
  • Offers a more cost-effective option over traditional in-office therapy

It is only natural to have questions before committing to therapy of any kind. Here are answer to some of the most commonly asked questions. 


I hold the highest credentials as a Certified Clinical Supervisor and I have over 20 years of supervisory experience for LCSWA, LCASA, and CCSI. My approach is one of collaboration with the goal of helping you become a licensed clinician.


I offer consultations to clinicians in a variety of areas

  • Starting a private practice
  • Multi-state licensure
  • Virtual practices
  • Ethical issues
  • Insurance issues
  • Case consultations
  • and a variety of other topics

Speaking Engagements

I have a passion for sharing my knowledge experience, and skills. I have conducted workshops, presented at seminars, and spoken on a variety of mental health topics. I would love to speak at your event.

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